Is Solar Power Sensible for Businesses?

Solar power is the energy of tomorrow, but many companies have already invested in it today. Out of the top ten users of solar-powered energy, eight of them are big-box retailers. With energy costs rising every year for the past ten years, companies are now seeing the cost-saving benefits of solar energy. Solar panels can help cut power costs down by more than half of the total bill. Solar panels installed on your business property will capture sunlight during the day and convert that sunlight into usable energy, which is stored in an energy bank. If your business captures more energy than it needs, it can sell that energy back to the utility company for profit. If you are considering solar power for your business, here are some advantages solar power will bring.

Impact on Operating Costs

If your business is spending a lot on its energy bill, investing in a hybrid energy system may reduce its overhead. According to National Grid, the average business spends 19 percent of its total expenditures on energy costs. With numerous tax benefits, government grants and the potential to profit from selling the excess energy collected by the solar panels, it makes sense to seriously consider going solar. Also, electricity prices are unpredictable due to yearly price fluctuations, but with solar-powered energy, you can stabilize your energy bill.

The Importance of Being Green

According to Humless, carbon footprint reduction matters to customers these days. With better awareness of global warming and the deterioration of the environment, more consumer groups than ever before are insisting that companies play their part in reducing their carbon footprints. Solar panels provide eco-friendly, sustainable energy. By turning to solar power, companies can strengthen their commitment to being environmentally friendly.

Low Maintenance

According to EcoWatch, solar panels require very little maintenance and are expected to last between twenty-five and forty years. Most establishments can expect to recover the initial cost of the panels within the first few years. With annual maintenance, the power production of solar panels over forty years is expected to be roughly 80 percent of its original output. While some loss of efficiency is to be expected after forty years, solar panels are still more efficient than traditional power lines. Unlike power lines that may go down or undergo maintenance, solar power panels rarely break down. If your business normally uses a lot of electricity, switching to solar power may be a worthwhile investment.

More and more businesses are turning to solar power to lower their utility costs, strengthen a commitment to going green and obtain a more stable source of energy with minimum upkeep. Solar power is the energy of the future for many businesses. It’s a great way to save money and contribute to a better environment, so why not give it a try?

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