Environmental Impact of Parking Lots

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Parking lots are a modern day transportation necessity created by our desire to own private vehicle. Environmental Impact of this infrastructure is huge considering it is so widely popular and omnipresent. The large space in the building is usually covered by parking lots whether it is a commercial building or residential building. This parking lot is designed to accommodate a certain number of cars but due to poor design and ill-maintenance, this space becomes harmful to the environment.

Everybody knows car emit harmful gases which adds to the global warming. There is an estimated 3 to 8 parking spots for each car in the US. Parking lots take a lot of energy such as electricity, space which could be saved for other activities which help us conserve the environment.

Real estate Developers and town planners have become one.On street parking, Parking lots, Parking garage have an effect on the environment which includes the release of a high quantity of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide and large useless spaces which may be used for better purposes.If the current rate of building parking lot continues, soon enough we will have more parking lots than buildings.

We wait for our favorite parking spot, wasting tons of fuel and time which only goes on to add more to the global warming and depletion of environmental resources. The total amount you pay for parking in a year could support your yearly public transport use.

Way Ahead

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In the US, a recent study pointed out that there are as many as 100 million parking lots where a fifth of the car is always parked. What this means is parking lot has become an absolute necessity in the cities and suburban areas. People have more cars than ever before in the history and that number is not going to reduce anytime soon given the condition of public transport. According to study,  a car stays 95% of its lifetime in the parking lot and this speaks volumes about do we really need so much of parking spaces in our city.