Sustainable Office Practices

Here are some ways that your office building can be made more sustainable:

Getting to work: The mission of making a workspace more sustainable actually begins before people get to work.  Workers can consider carpooling, a shuttle service can be created to connect to the closest public transit system, and a rideshare board can be especially helpful.


  • Water-based correction pens cause less pollution then the usual bottled correction fluid, and they last longer too.
  • Disposable plastic pens can be wasteful if people go through them too quickly.  Try refillable pens and pencils.

Contact us about an energy audit for your business.  Then implement the changes.

Replace all your light bulbs with LED bulbs.  You will usually reach a break-even point in only a few months.  Also post signs near your light switches reminding people to turn off the lights when space is not in use.

Adjust your company’s thermostat to be a little bit warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter.

Cut your paper costs in half by setting your printers to default to double-sided printing.  You can also switch to 30% post-consumer recycled paper.

Computers: Tell people to completely power off their computers when they are done for the day.  This can usually be done by switching to ‘energy-saving mode’.  You can also switch to a laptop, which uses up to 90% less electricity than desktops.

Another trend in the modern workplace is allowing people to work from home more often.  This allows people to spend less time commuting, which results in less pollution and savings in office expenses.  Managers are often hesitant to encourage their office employees to work from home, but we think this means you just have to develop better ways to measure the success of the people you manage.